Kerry Laster

Case Study

TodayTix Rebrand Launch

TodayTix Rebrand Launch.png

Upon assuming the role of Creative Director for TodayTix, I helped to navigate the creative transition of the TodayTix. I had to take the brand from a utility app that was known to a core group of advent theater-goers in New York and London for selling theater tickets to a cultural brand with a message that stretched far beyond the boundaries of any one city or the category of theater. Over the course of two years, I helped build a visual language help customers, and employees understand and communicate with the TodayTix brand. I worked with varies vendors, cultural influencers and creatives to develop something that was truly unique in the world of theater ticketing. And after expanding to more than a dozen cities with millions of user engagement on a daily base, I feel confident in saying that the transition was a success.

Above are two different logo animation that I developed. The one on the left was designed when I first started working with the company, and the one of right was created two months before the official launch of the new brand. Both animation capture a certain level of energy, but the one on the left some more maturity and confidence. And that, in a nutshell, is what I wanted to bring to TodayTix. I took their rare energy and spirit and gave it the confidence necessary to become a real brand.


To introduce the new brand identity and look we started the 2 sheets subway ads. These ads were split down the middle to create more opportunity have more than one headline and sub-headline. Also, they would allow for the new TodayTix logo to be featured twice in the ad. By using different colors for each side of the split ad, it gives the appearance of two separate ads.


Vertical layouts of these ad dimensions allowed for more flexibility in content, choosing whether to use photographic or illustrative elements. Being able to show more of the models allowed for us to show more expression and energy in each ad, while at the same time having enough space to let the text to set on its own against the vibrant colors.

Subway in-cart ads.png

The dimensions of the subway square ads allow for the opportunity to use the expanded TodayTix color palette, creating a great grouping of applications using bold text with equally as bright colors and images.

14th Street Subway Station Domination.png

The 14th street subway station domination was the first station for TodayTix dedicated to the new brand. I wanted to use this opportunity to reinforce the brand message of “See Theater Differently,” and reintroduce customers to what the TodayTix app does. By dividing the 2 sheets panels into sets of three we could dedicate one ad in the set to “See Theater Differently,” the new logo, and one with a strong CTA and utility line. In front of each stairwell, just we would reinforce “See Theater Differently” message more to increase the chance of it sticking with passers-by.


The Times Square banner layout allowed for centered text to be used in conjunction with the horizontal logo layout, creating an exciting visual tension among brand elements. Given the massive size of the ad, the text needed to be simple, bold, and direct. Keeping in mind the environment where the ad would live it only made sense to have the visual layout mirror the same rules as the text.

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 8.50.18 PM.png
Digital ads & banners.png

Similar to the print ads, the digital ads captured the same energy and layout. These ads, however, had a stronger emphasis on CTA and direct sales messaging. It was important that all the digital ads prominently featured the TodayTix logo.

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 8.42.01 PM.png
App Icon & Loading Screen.png

The thinking behind the use of the X in the app icon was to help TodayTix stand out on phones and tablets screens. The white X against the red square stands out on a user’s phone like “X marks the spot.”

Loading Screen.png

The loading screen was a great place to introduce users to the more stylized brand elements. We designed four different loading screens, which would be chosen at random when a user opens the app. Additionally, when showing the app on screen,
I felt that a black device worked best to let the bold, bright colors and content become the primary focus.

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 8.42.54 PM.png
Marketing Emails.png

The header area within email templates was a unique place to use Today Tix branded content and messaging to separate their emails from others visually.

2o16 Social Ads.png
Current Email Design.png

Social ads & Profiles

I wanted to make sure the brand elements would always come across on the pages of TodayTix’s social media presence. Color, type, and photography all played a prominent role as shown in the mock-up example.





Some of the issues of the previous ad layout were the limited about to text, the imbalanced way the different graphic elements we competitively position against each other, and the lack of adequately clear TodayTix branded area. The updated ads allow for typographic versatility, as TodayTix centric content, they also allow for more opportunities to use all of the TodayTix branded colors.

2016 Social Ads


Current Social Ads

Concierge Agent Uniforms & Ticket Envelopes .png

As a vital part of the Today Tix customer experience, it was important the concierge attire left a favorable impression of
the brand. The envelope was also an excellent opportunity to relate to the concierge outfit, continuing the brand messaging in a fun and creative way.